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Al-Inshirah Islamic Center, founded in 1982, is a ethnicly diverse masjid centrally located in mid-town Kansas City in the Hyde Park neighborhood.  The masjid is just north of University of Missouri-Kansas City, and south of downtown.Take a look at the links above to discover more about us.

Wherever you are in life’s journey we want you to find the dynamic life that Islam instills as you foster your relationship with Allah.  So come on and open the door, make yourself at home, study, and see what Al-Inshirah has for you and your family.


Our Mission
To cultivate for humanity a model community based on submission to the will of G-d.

Our Vision

Al-Inshirah is committed to unifying people of faith, with the goal of eradicating prejudices, injustices, hatred, and other circumstances that divide humanity and weaken the social fabric of our society. The community asserts that as members of the human race, people have only one common enemy, which conceals itself in ignorance, greed, envy, jealousy, lies, and dishonesty.

Upcoming events:


Solar Eclipse (Prayer of the Solar and Lunar Eclipse (Salat Al-Khusuf)

Special Khutbah on Monday, August 21, 2017 at Al Inshirah Islamic Center led by Imam Jamal Shakur
to begin at 1pm.

The scholars agree that the prayer of the eclipses is a confirmed sunnahwhich is to be performed by both men and women. It is recommended to pray it in congregation although the congregation is not a condition for it. The sunnah is to be performed in a mosque as the Prophet (peace be upon him) went to the mosque immediately after the solar eclipse appeared. It’s also permissible for women to attend the congregation of the solar and lunar eclipse as `A’ishah and Asmaa bint Abi Bakr (may Allah be pleased with them) prayed with the Prophet at the mosque.