It is through active membership that the strength of the community will be evident.

Please visit the center for a membership form.

Membership Criteria :

Everyone is invited to join this community who openly testifies and declares faith and belief in the oneness of Allah (G’d); is in agreement with the mission, principles, and values of Al-Islam; and accepts the guidance from the Holy Qu’ran and the life example of Prophet Muhammad.

The membership of Al-Inshirah Islamic Center consists of Muslims who wish to abide by the by-laws and assure the membership requirements.   An applicant shall testify to the basic beliefs of Islamic faith specifically:

1.  Belief in Allah (G-d)

2.  Belief in Muhammad (PBUH) as the seal of the Prophets

3.  Belief in the Books of Allah (G-d)

4.  Belief in the Angels

5 . Belief in the Day of Judgment


A member must be a resident of the Greater Kansas City area.  This includes Johnson, Clay, Cass, and Jackson counties in Missouri, and Johnson and Wyandotte counties in Kansas.

To recieve a PDF file of the Bylaws please email