Masjid Staff


Al-Inshirah Islamic Center has a committed staff of Imams and administrative professionals to assist our ummah in maintaining and extending the outreach of our Masjid. We have professionals from a variety of backgrounds to help assist in all areas needed in the progress of Community growth. Among them are those trained in social work, the law, mediation, and work experience in business and the not-for-profit sector, prior to working within the Masjid. Together, they bring rich diversity of interests and talents, which they have committed to the service of Almighty G’d Allah. ~

Al Inshirah Islamic Center Office of Imams

Resident Imam Bilal Muhammad

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Emeritus Imam

Jamal Shakur

Bilal Hazziez

David Muhammad

Saleem Rasheed Jr.

Board of Trustees:

Resident Imam: Bilal Muhammad

Chair: Dr Halallah Hazziez

Co Chair: Crystal Shakur

Treasurer: Gwen Ahmed

Secretary Naim Al-Amin

Members: Saleem Rasheed Jr, Mustafa El-Amin, Amelia Chilchoat 

Website/Facebook Administrator: Saleem Rasheed Jr., Jabir Hazziez, Jr.
Staff Treasure: Gwen Ahmed/ Amelia Chilcoat
Program Coordinator: Saleem Rasheed Jr.
Secretary Staff: Naim Al-Amin