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Free Summer Lunch program

Al inshirah's 2nd Annual free Summer Lunch Program for kids

Al inshirah’s 2nd Annual free Summer Lunch Program for kids

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2013 Troost Festival

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Creating a Vision with no END in sight!!!

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This past weekend Allah blessed me and a couple of believers among Al Inshirah Islamic Center to witness a phenomenal and historic event at the Southeast Sectional Conference held in Houston, TX. The theme for this conference was; “ On the Shoulders of Giants! Accepting the Responsibility of Leadership, Honoring the Past, Improving the Present, Protecting the Future.” This Power Pack weekend started with a Monumental Event that should be a model for all cities here in America and perhaps the world. Over 30 Imams under the Leadership and Direction of Imam W.D. Mohammed gave the Friday (Jumah) Kubah with the central topic “Unity in the Community” to over 30 Masjids (mostly immigrant masjids)…thats over 900 minutes of a heavy dose of Quranic insight all over the city of Houston. Breaking down all barriers that we are all one ummah, rather Black, Arab, White, Hispanic, Pakistan, African, etc., that the ties of brotherhood is and will forever be bonded TOGETHER!
The main goal for the Qur’anic Symposium was and is to get us to start thinking independently with the word of Allah.  If we can learn the Quran in its reveled language then we can get a better concept of the Quran. If we don’t learn the Quran in its reveled language then we are saying to ourselves even if its subconscious, that we are satisfied with having someone else think for us instead of us going into the Quran as a “Thinker” and extracting the logic and the concepts out of the Quran to unlock the language and the systems within our own life and the environment all around us. If you want to have  independent thinking you have to have a dependent soul, a dependent soul on the One who needs nothing from outside Himself, the Only One who is Truly Independent, Allah! The more and more we become dependent upon Allah, the more we become independent. The wisdom is in the Quran for our entire life.
This event feature some of the core Imam’s and students under our leadership, like Imam Qasim Ahmed, Imam Wazir Ali, Imam Yahya Abdullah, Imam Salim Mumin, Imam Mubaashir Uqdah, Imam Veron Fareed, Imam Nasr Ahmed, Imam Faheem Shuaibe, Sheikh Ibrahim Pasha and many many more!
Without a doubt though Imam W.D Mohammed may be gone from this life but he’s body of knowledge lives on, it lives in us. He once said, “When I pass away 1,000 IWDM’s will come out.” We can see the Quran restoring a people who have been totally destroyed in the past by slavery and the Quran has came to us and produce a NEW people.
Im am here to tell you that this community is thriving, it’s alive!!!
We create our own…our own culture, our own language, our own style, and yes our own destiny!!!–Imam Bilal Hazziez


Islamic Studies 101

islam 101


Mr. MU Teaches More than Social Studies

provided by: The Kansas City Star, Mo.

Mr. Mu teaches more than social studies [The Kansas City Star, Mo.]

That’s what the new MetLife Survey of the American Teacher found. The 28th annual report, a result of telephone interviews with more than 1,000 teachers nationwide, found just 44 percent of them were satisfied with their jobs. To make matters worse, 29 percent say they are likely to leave the profession within the next five years.

Dramatic cuts to the education budget, administration politics and layoffs all play a part in the discontent. It’s clear we have to demand better for our teachers and students.

But it’s important that people know not all teachers are disgruntled and ready to abandon ship. There are still teachers who are happy in the classroom despite the economic downturn.

Meet David Muhammad.

He’s kind of a big deal in Shawnee Mission schools. He’s that rare teacher who all the kids like, even the ones who don’t take his social studies class at Trailridge Middle School in Lenexa. They call him Mr. Mu.

He’s 27, wears sneakers and bright colors, and doesn’t shy away from joking with the students and challenging them to be their best. He sponsors two clubs: Coalition is a group dedicated to raising money and awareness for global efforts such as Invisible Children and Love 146. I Am My Brother’s Keeper is an all-boys club to promote brotherhood and good decision-making skills.

On a Tuesday after school, I sat in on a Coalition meeting. The students discussed the Toms Shoes One Day Without Shoes movement on April 10. The kids plan to meet before school and do a barefoot march to shed light on the millions of kids who are at risk for injury and disease because they can’t afford shoes.

“It’s not going to be easy,” Muhammad warned the club. “But it’s not supposed to be. And you will never forget it.”

Isn’t that what they should say about teaching? It’s hard, but worth it. And to think, after spending all day at school and sponsoring the clubs, Muhammad teaches karate at his father’s Kwanzaa Martial Arts Academy in Kansas City and still finds time to compete.

How does he do it? He says it’s about maximizing your potential.

“We’re all given the same amount of time in each day,” he says. “Tomorrow is not guaranteed. People talk about the problems of the world, but they don’t take any action. I want to make a difference now while I can.”

He teaches this can-do attitude to his students.

Courtney Jones, a seventh-grader in Coalition, says Muhammad teaches them how powerful they are.

“I didn’t think about the problems of the world before I got involved in Coalition,” she says. “Mr. Mu teaches us that we can make a difference.”

She doesn’t have him as a teacher but says she got involved in the club initially because of Muhammad’s popularity.

“Everyone talks about Mr. Mu,” says Courtney, 12. “You hear stories about how fun his class is. He gives them nicknames and makes learning fun.”

And what about his nickname — Mr. Mu? What’s that about?

Muhammad is an African-American Muslim. The moniker makes his name easier to say.

“They are not used to seeing someone like me,” he says. “There is a global fear of Islam, and I want them to know we aren’t all crazy terrorists running around. I want them to know not all black people talk or dress a certain way. Hopefully they see me and see that we’re not so different from one another.”

His students see more than that. They see a good teacher. More than a few kids described him as “the most fun.”

Oddly enough, the Shawnee Mission School District almost lost him. Two years ago, he was one of 39 teachers laid off. He lost his job teaching geography at Shawnee Mission East High School. Two weeks later, someone retired. He was rehired.

Now, he’s a middle-school teacher, and he says his experience only made him love teaching more.

Muhammad himself was a student in the Shawnee Mission district. He went to Indian Woods Middle School and Shawnee Mission South High School in Overland Park. For him, teaching was a calling.

It started with karate classes, but he knew he wanted to teach academics too, specifically one of his favorite topics: history.

“I know a lot of kids dread social studies. They think it’s boring. But I love history. The old cliche ‘You have to know your past to know your future’ is true. Finding out the story behind things is fascinating. I strive to make it fun.”

Michaela Keller says there’s a big difference between his class and other classes she has taken.

“Some teachers just hand out worksheets and that’s it, but Mr. Mu really talks to us and explains things,” says Michaela, 12. “He makes everything more fun. He makes us want to pay attention. I like learning in his class.”

As much as the students look up to Muhammad, he looks up to them, too.

“It’s humbling to know the kids like me. In a way, I think part of it is because I am still a kid in a lot of ways, but I never want to rest on my youth,” Muhammad says. “I walk into class with a genuine interest in the students, and I want to teach them. I think kids are a lot smarter than they get credit for. The children teach us too.”

Jenee Osterheldt’s column runs in FYI on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. To reach her, call 816-234-4380 or email josterheldt@kcstar.com. “Like” her on Facebook at facebook.com/jeneeinkc.




Shura meetings



Shurah Meetings will be held every 5th Sunday at 11:00am, unless otherwise stated. This is a communty forum, please come out and voice your wants and needs regarding the movement of our Community. Be a part of Growth. Be a part of Progress. Be a part of Community Life.


Breakfast and Cookie Fundraiser



Come out and support the Fundraiser for the Sis. Clara Muhammad Weekend School Camp!

Breakfast Fundraiser and Cookie  Sale

Saturday, March 23, 2013 at the Masjid


$10.00 Donation



Celebration of Leadership banquet

Celebration of Leadership

Since its inception Al Inshirah Islamic Center has shown and taken great strive to living up to its mission, “To cultivate for humanity a model community based on submission to the will of Allah (SWT)”.  This would not have been possible with out its strong members and the leadership that moved this community forward. As the newly elected resident Imam I have had the distinct pleasure of being born and raised in this community and have witness the outstanding leadership from its members and leaders first hand. Muhammad the Prophet said, “No matter how small the task is, if it involves more than one person, choose you an Amir.” With this in regard we would like to recognize one of the many great leaders among us, Imam Rudolph Muhammad. He has not only worked with members of the community, he has also helped to implement plans and programs that will enrich the lives of those around him.

His leadership and organizational skills have been invaluable to many of our programs. For example; his relentless effort along with the support and hard work of the believers within our community, we as a community overcame the challenge and were able to payoff the mortgage on the entire property with our “Capital Campaign Fundraiser”. Allahu Akbar! This fundraiser was a major step forward for the members of Al Inshirah Islamic Center and its future generation to move forward in the right step. As Resident Imam my goal is to continue to move this community forward in the right direction paved by the leaders who have came before me and the many leaders we have amongst us for the betterment of our community. Great leaders build and transform others to become leaders. Within our membership we have many great leaders who lead daily and follow when needed. As a community our vision is to be a catalyst for lasting change by developing leaders who serve for the good of all humanity. It is with great pride that on March 2, 2013 we invite you to attend Al Inshirah Islamic Center’s ” Leadership Awards Banquet”. This banquet promises to be a very beautiful and elegant event, with the hard work and event planning of sister’s Shahidah Hazziez and Aisha Muhammad, combine with the catering of Chef Lufti Khalifah and the help of others, this event is not to be missed.
Allah tells us in the Quran; “He is making in the Earth a Khalifah…”. That is the most important thing he made Adam to be. Then He made all of the children of Adam from one pattern, therefore He made all of the children of Adam on the Khailfah pattern. This is under the understanding all of us are made to be Leaders. All of us are Khalifah’s, we are all Leaders, we all have to lead in our own lives so much so that no one can lead you in your Sunnah prayers, this is because we all have in us the nature and the ability to lead. I encourage you to come out as we honor “Leadership”. ~ Imam Bilal J. Hazziez


Midwest Leadership Conference 2013


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