Creating a Vision with no END in sight!!!

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This past weekend Allah blessed me and a couple of believers among Al Inshirah Islamic Center to witness a phenomenal and historic event at the Southeast Sectional Conference held in Houston, TX. The theme for this conference was; “ On the Shoulders of Giants! Accepting the Responsibility of Leadership, Honoring the Past, Improving the Present, Protecting the Future.” This Power Pack weekend started with a Monumental Event that should be a model for all cities here in America and perhaps the world. Over 30 Imams under the Leadership and Direction of Imam W.D. Mohammed gave the Friday (Jumah) Kubah with the central topic “Unity in the Community” to over 30 Masjids (mostly immigrant masjids)…thats over 900 minutes of a heavy dose of Quranic insight all over the city of Houston. Breaking down all barriers that we are all one ummah, rather Black, Arab, White, Hispanic, Pakistan, African, etc., that the ties of brotherhood is and will forever be bonded TOGETHER!
The main goal for the Qur’anic Symposium was and is to get us to start thinking independently with the word of Allah.  If we can learn the Quran in its reveled language then we can get a better concept of the Quran. If we don’t learn the Quran in its reveled language then we are saying to ourselves even if its subconscious, that we are satisfied with having someone else think for us instead of us going into the Quran as a “Thinker” and extracting the logic and the concepts out of the Quran to unlock the language and the systems within our own life and the environment all around us. If you want to have  independent thinking you have to have a dependent soul, a dependent soul on the One who needs nothing from outside Himself, the Only One who is Truly Independent, Allah! The more and more we become dependent upon Allah, the more we become independent. The wisdom is in the Quran for our entire life.
This event feature some of the core Imam’s and students under our leadership, like Imam Qasim Ahmed, Imam Wazir Ali, Imam Yahya Abdullah, Imam Salim Mumin, Imam Mubaashir Uqdah, Imam Veron Fareed, Imam Nasr Ahmed, Imam Faheem Shuaibe, Sheikh Ibrahim Pasha and many many more!
Without a doubt though Imam W.D Mohammed may be gone from this life but he’s body of knowledge lives on, it lives in us. He once said, “When I pass away 1,000 IWDM’s will come out.” We can see the Quran restoring a people who have been totally destroyed in the past by slavery and the Quran has came to us and produce a NEW people.
Im am here to tell you that this community is thriving, it’s alive!!!
We create our own…our own culture, our own language, our own style, and yes our own destiny!!!–Imam Bilal Hazziez