Ramadan is near



Preparing for Ramadan
By Imam Bilal Hazziez


It is not how much or how long you can fast, it is how well you can follow the guidance of Allah. In the Holy Quran Allah says; “Fasting is for Him.” Almost the whole life of the animal world is ruled over by the drive to overcome hunger. That is the drive of the flesh for something to satisfy the flesh. If you can control that very powerful drive, it not only gives you the power to withstand the flesh, but it helps you in every way because everything in the universe is related. The body affects the mind, the mind affects the body, morality is affected-all these things influence each other.


The power of hunger drives animal and the human being to kill and to eat other animals. Yet Muslim men and women live with that hunger, denies it, and moves about peacefully without grumbling. It drives an animal mad, but the Muslim is spiritual and happy containing it. With the hunger that drives the world mad the Muslim acts as though he is in heaven.  Allah is telling you if you fast the way He attended for you will gain a supreme reward.




As of Magrib, July 8th no Hilal sighting. Please check back with us tomorrow or after Isha tonight for a update. You may also call the Center’s number at 816-960-0475 to hear an official recording of the status of the Hilal sighting, inshallah.



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