Ramadan Mubarak!

Assalamu alaikum

Ramadan is about body and soul. Ideally, as our waistlines shrink, our Taqwa becomes stronger. But Ramadan’s do’s and don’ts are as important as its spiritual lessons and blessings.

Balancing both of these aspects of fasting can become challenging. Human beings have a tendency to fall into either/or thinking. Some of us prefer to emphasize the spiritual, while forgetting the physical. For others, it’s the opposite problem. We’ve met Muslims who fall into both. Muslims are supposed to be a community that is balanced. For us, both the spiritual and the physical are important, whether that is connected to our prayers, our fasting, or other acts of worship.

Here are five suggestions on how we can strive for balance this Ramadan, insha Allah:

  1. Constantly clarifying our intentions by reminding ourselves that we are fasting for no other reason than to please God and to become closer to Him.
  2. Reading more about some of the Fiqh, or do’s and don’ts of Ramadan, so that we have the basics down.
  3. Engaging in one extra act of worship we normally don’t, whether that is reading Surah al-Kahf on Friday or cutting our nails before Jumah that day.
  4. Becoming more conscious of how we behave toward our family members, and whether we are treating them with the love, respect, and courtesy that are our obligation in Ramadan and outside of it.
  5. Making small lunch bags of a sandwich, drink, and snack to give to the growing number of hungry and homeless we often find begging at city intersections and streets.

May Allah bless us with a Ramadan that is balanced between the physical and spiritual this year, so that we may attain the G’D-consciousness that is the end goal of this blessed month.

May we all strive in the way of almighty G’D ALLAH (swt)


Al Inshirah Islamic Center

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