What is Community Life Forward???

Initiated in 2010, Community Life Forward (CLF) is an action-oriented national conference planned annually by an all-volunteer team from across the United States. The team consists of a diverse group of Muslim American artists, community leaders, educators, engineers, entrepreneurs, historians, homemakers, scientists, students, and more.  As students of Imam W.D. Mohammed (RA)  we are devoted to the best expression of community life, sharing our common bonds of human interest in cooperation with people from diverse backgrounds. CLF identifies,  provides a platform to share, and an opportunity for interaction for those foremost and interested in implementing good works for the betterment of human interests across racial, religious, and cultural divides.

The 2012 Community Life Forward Conference aims to:

1. Build on the strengths and strides of the best demonstrations of community life and cooperate in the spirit of hard work and whole community life development;
2. Facilitate the building and connecting of model Muslim communities by providing a platform for unity, networking, mentoring, and progress
3. Highlight and support local progress in each city where the conference is held;
4. Serve humanity through a united community service project that directly benefits residents of the host city regardless of race, religion, or gender;
5. Create lasting partnerships with the local Muslim communities where the conference is held;
6. Present and connect conference attendees to leaders in the areas of Muslim American history, culture, civic engagement, community development and service, business, education, and more in order to link our efforts and continually move our collective community life forward;
7. Preserve and promote the spirit of moving community life forward across generations by honoring our elders in a substantive way during the conference for their decades of love, sacrifice, and service;
8. Engage fully all members of our community, including children, youth, young adults, and elders.

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